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Portuguese Translations with a Marketing DNA

I am Roberta Chaim, a native Brazilian, and a Portuguese TransCreator and Translator for 14 years.

​Before becoming a Portuguese translator, I worked for global companies as a senior marketing executive, managing global brands and creating customer strategies. I also worked as a marketing manager at a Chamber of Commerce, helping international companies find their business partners in Brazil. With this experience, I created an eBook that can help you find your potential clients!​

Need a translation adapted to Brazilian Customers? Let me help you with that!

Each client that I work with has a different culture. In common, all of my clients have the same goal: to communicate effectively to Brazilian consumers. Let’s face it. It is a real challenge to write a text for translation when we don’t know our audience very well. What are their traditions, behavior and ways of interacting?

My job is to adapt your content to the Brazilian audience. I will adapt and revise your materials to make sure they convey the right message to Brazilians, either nationally or regionally.

customers are saying

“We are really satisfied with your job and we are always happy to work with talented people! We will definitely keep in touch for the future. Thank you for your great work and being professional.” Trivago


“Roberta Chaim is highly recommended for her translation services. She translated our brochures as well as looked after all details to make sure our content was right.’ Swarovski


“Roberta is a great transcreator. All campaigns she translated for us converted really well and I am glad we found her marketing and translation services. She is highly recommended!” Itau Bank


“We needed a transcreator to work on our Brazilian campaign and we are really satisfied with Roberta’s translation services. The campaign was a huge success”. Mercedes-Benz


“I will definitely hire Roberta soon again. Her transcreations have a very good repercussion in Brazil. We are just waiting for the creation of new TV scripts and we will work together shortly”. Nestlè


“I have utilized translating services of Mrs Roberta Chaim and her expertise on a number of technical projects. All translations from English to Portuguese made by Mrs Roberta Chaim were always very professional. The accuracy of her translations and the ability to work under deadline deserve a special mentioning. She always provided a high quality translation service.
I can without hesitation recommend Mrs Roberta Chaim for any translating job/project that requires in-depth knowledge of English.”- KTI Group

“You have proved to be among the most conscientious and reliable translators and revisers working on our project. We have been particularly impressed with your dedication to ensuring the accuracy of the source text and your work alongside another translator to achieve as high a level of consistency as possible.
We look forward to having the chance to work with you again.”


“Roberta was approached to translate our launch materials in Brazil. The results were great. We were very pleased with her quality”. Polo Ralph Lauren


“AARMS approached Brazil Translated and Roberta to undertake a series of technical translation to a number of Hazardous Materials Documents. Roberta’s professionalism, dedication and speed of delivery far exceeded our expectations. Roberta kept us updated throughout the whole translation process and suggested a series of changes to make the documents more Brazilian orientated. The process has been fantastic, the service – beyond doubt – exceptional!”


“Thanks Roberta, for looking after our content. We will definitely be in touch in the near future to get more texts translated.” Kellogg’s


“I learned about Roberta when our company found need of these services. I was delighted to discover that her transcreation abilities exceed our high expectations. I absolutely recommend her for any transcreation, business or creative translations for a Brazilian audience that you might need.” Arthur Cronos

“We would like to gain this client and you are one of our best transcreator so I really hope you will be available for it.” TranslateMedia


“Highly Recommended.” KTVA


“Love the work you provide” – AdCrush Media


“Roberta is an excellent professional. With her experience in marketing and advertising she has improved our insights and provided us services that were even better than what we initially requested.” Decoragora


“Roberta is a great professional, very engaged on our projects and also has an amazing relationship with everyone.” CA Technologies



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